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BR DMU 55997
Scrapped - Vic Berry, Leicester 7/86


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Cricklewood Sidings** *** ****Andrew Harvey-Adams
Derby RTC** *** ****michael doleman
Derby RTC** *** ****Duncaan Elsey
Mickleover Test Site** *** ****Brian Cuttell
RTC, Derby1981-10-09Roger Harris
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  • 975385

    7 August 2006 - Steve Wilson-Burgess

    the photo is from British Railways . See page 31 rolling stock recognition 3 Departmental Stock Colin.J. Marsden

  • 975385

    18 August 2007 - Kit Spackman

    'Hydra' was an ex-Cravens Class 129 Diesel Parcels Car that was converted to test hydrostatic transmisson systems in the late '70s, early '80s. Only one bogie had the modifications fitted, the nearer end in the photo, and the hoses for the hydraulic drive can be clearly seen.

    The original transmission remained fitted to the other bogie but with the cardan shaft disconnected. This was found rather usefull when the hydraulic drive faled on one occasion and the original transmission was re-commissioned out on the main line and the vehicle driven to a siding!

    For a short while before conversion this DPC was used as a support vehicle for Laboratory 4 'Hastings' during tests on the Styal line in 1977 or thereabouts, but a that time it still retained its normal blue/grey colour scheme.