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BR coach 6095
Scrapped - Booths, Rotherham 10/08


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Rotherham, C.F. Booth** *** ****Les Wild
Rotherham, C.F. Booth** *** ****Les Wild
Derby RTC** *** ****Robert West
Earlswood** *** ****Steve Hatcher
Toton2007-03-27Roger Harris
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  • 72708

    26 September 2008 - Napster

    This vehicle is no longer operational and is being used as a source of spares at Derby RTC for the other GATX vehicles.

  • 72708

    3 October 2008 - Napster

    This vehicle is now being stripped of all useable items and will be taken to Booths for scrapping next week.

  • 72708

    26 October 2008 - Ben Williams

    Body scrapped at Booths this week.