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Moved from MOD Longtown to Booths, Rotherham 4/18. Scrapped - Booths, Rotherham 8/18.


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Bounds Green** *** ****David Denton
Bounds Green** *** ****Dave Denton
Bounds Green** *** ****Dave Denton
Soho Depot** *** ****Darren Reay
Bounds Green TMD** *** ****Dave Denton
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  • 6355

    17 November 2008 - Luke

    I am so making a model of that

  • 6355

    17 November 2008 - Harold A. Nicolson

    This vehicle probable be Mk2b BFK not Mark 4 ?

  • 6355

    17 November 2008 - Ben Williams

    Indeed, but this is used as a barrier van with mk4 stock. Although these ones don't seem to be seeing much (if any) use at the moment...

  • 6355

    17 November 2008 - kev

    not used anymore at all ?

    i would have thought they would be used for major rake moves to works still or casualty moves

    unless the rules have changed again regarding barrier stock

  • 6355

    18 November 2008 - Rich Mackin

    They're still technically 'in use' but stock moves involving anything less than a Class 91 and a full Mk4 rake are rare.

  • 6355

    28 October 2009 - Ben Williams

    Still at Bounds Green today (stored) but in a different livery!