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Scrapped - Aberystwyth on site by Maize Metals 1/91


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Aberystywyth Station** *** ****Peter Hall

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  • 020460

    8 January 2009 - Dave Rowland

    At last! I took a photo of an a coach at Aberystwyth (in this exact location) on 11th August 1990, and this has finally ended over 18 years of it's mystery identity! I'll send in the photo.

  • 020460

    12 January 2009 - Ben Williams

    I suspect the two vans visible in the background will be 064457 and 064594 - scrapped at the same time as the camping coach by Maize Metals 1/91.

  • 020460

    15 January 2009 - Dave Smith

    Love this shot - really captures the scene and... well, lack of activity sadly!

  • 020460

    29 January 2009 - Dave Rowland

    I'm pretty sure we have a case of (slightly) mistaken identity here; I've just dug out my 1987 Internal Users publication, and there's no reference to anything numbered 020460. HOWEVER - there were TWO ex-camping coaches at Aberystwyth; one was 020464, which was scrapped on site in Jan '84, the other was used as a dormitory by the V of R Supporters Association (noted in Sep '85), this was numbered 023460. I'm convinced that this is the actual ID of the coach. Unfortunately, the book doesn't give its original number or history.So this is (IMHO) 023460 not 020460. This makes sense...

  • 020460

    2 February 2009 - Bob Wallace

    Or maybe not Dave.

    The Internal user block 020453 to 020469 apparently was all allocated to former Camping Coaches.

    020460 was converted at Derby in 1952 from a LNWR diagram 131 CK and was after use at Bakewell & Borth condemned at Aberystwyth in 1971 and disposed of in 1991.

    see the Foxline book on BR Camping Coaches by Andrew Mcrae

    Bob Wallace

  • 020460

    27 July 2010 - Simeon Gaskell

    Looking at my notes of a visit to Aberystwyth on 29th July 1987, the only coach I noted there carried the number M020460, I assume it was the one pictured.

  • 020460

    20 June 2016 - Ben Williams

    I don't have any details on this one or its use here so if anyone has any more info please leave in a comment.

  • 020460

    25 June 2016 - Andy Prime

    Isn't this the same vehicle you have under 020460 along with identity confusion described there?

  • 020460

    27 June 2016 - Peter Hall

    My opinion is that this is 020460 not 023460.

  • 020460

    28 June 2016 - Ben Williams

    Now corrected.