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Scrapped - BR, Wolverton 6/89

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Wolverton Works** *** ****Brian Cuttell

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  • 7 January 2018 - Terence Smith

    According to Preserved Railway Carriages by John Lloyd, and Murray Brown

    Located at Bo'ness Railway.

    Built for the Highland Railway 1908 Lochgorm Works, Dia 59

    1st Number 89 1908 CZ

    Subsequent numbers

    18693 1923

    27236 1933

    Dept' No?

    17 1968

    P '1965 by SRPS, Restored at Lochgorm Works, Inverness 1968 (with erroneous number 17) & at Falkirk 'till Dec 1987

  • 3 February 2018 - Brian Cuttell

    I saw 020438 at Wolverton Works on 1/11/81. I didn't note down what type of vehicle it was but assumed to be a wagon. No idea why the Highland Railway vehicle is mentioned above unless the comment applies to another departmental.

  • 9 February 2018 - Ben Williams

    Yes Highland Railway doesn't seem right?